DAVE: Male, 7 Weeks

Name: Dave
Breed: French Bulldog
Sex: Male
Age: 7 Weeks
Color: Blue Fawn
Mom’s Weight: 16 – 18 lbs
Dad’s Weight: 20 – 22 lbs
Registry: AKC
Puppy ID: #712628
Available: NOW
PRICE: $4,200

More than with any other puppy, his character and personality are often misunderstood. Even his intelligence is sometimes questioned. His natural protectiveness is probably most manifest in his behavior towards small children or animals. His natural Propensity to defend the smaller ones makes him sometimes intervene even when any of my kids get told off by me or my partner.

Dave is a full grown fawn French Bulldog with exceptional colouring. Blue Fawns have dusty lilac noses and blue masks that go over the eyes. They can either be born this way or achieve it after a few days (yes, weeks) in their new home. The nose/mask does not fade; this is their natural colouring. A fawn’s coat will always be a darker shade of liver in comparison to a perlino.

Similar to Blue Ainu, which is amezena on top and ebi below, a full grown Blue Fawn French bulldog shares the same pattern. But these two are not the same! What differentiates them is the pink on Blue Fawns’ noses, muzzles, lips, and eyelids. In this article we will discuss the Blue Fawn French Bulldogs’ personality and temperament as well as their characteristic and where to buy Blue Fawn French Bulldog for sale!

Personality of Blue Fawn French Bulldog Puppies

The Blue Fawn French Bulldog puppies are gorgeous and extremely popular variety of the Frenchie. These dogs are a lot of fun and make great companions. They have a ton of personality and will keep you laughing all day long. Who doesn’t love to laugh? They are very loyal to their owners and will quickly become part of your family.

Blue Fawn French Bulldogs are very easy to train, they love to please their owners which makes them very easy to work with. They have short hair so they don’t shed much but it does require regular brushing and bathing. They are not good swimmers so you need to be careful when taking them for walks in areas where there may be water!

Temperament of Blue Fawn French Bulldog Puppies

The Blue Fawn French Bulldog puppies are fairly confident and stable dogs, with a fun and playful attitude. However, they can be aloof with strangers, which may be caused by their history as watchdogs.

The Blue Fawn’s deep-seated loyalty to their family makes them a great choice for single people or families alike. They are calm but energetic and love to play games like fetch or tug-of-war. They’ll happily go on walks or hikes, but they’re also content to just hang out with you on the couch!

They can have health problems related to their ears, eyes, flat face, or breathing. But if you love this breed’s signature look and personality (and we know you do!), then Blue Fawn French Bulldogs are totally worth it!

Who can they Live With?

If you’re looking for an apartment-dwelling companion, the Blue Fawn French Bulldog puppies will be the perfect match! They live happily in small spaces, and are very low-maintenance. Their energy level isn’t too high, so they won’t need to exercise too much within your home or apartment.

Blue Fawn French Bulldogs tend to act like lap dogs, even when they’re full grown. They’re very affectionate and will love snuggling up in your lap for hours at a time. Full grown fawn french bulldogs make great pets for single people, couples, and families with children of all ages (as long as the kids understand that these sensitive pups need to be handled gently).

The Blue Fawn French bulldog for sale gets along well with other pets in the household, including dogs and cats. However, if you bring a new pet into your home after adopting a Blue Fawn French Bulldog, you may want to consider enrolling them in obedience training classes together in order to help them establish their relationship and learn how to play nice together.

Where to Purchase Blue Fawn French Bulldog Puppies in USA?

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Client Review

Joy at FRENCH BULLDOG TEAM has very good knowledge of the breed and has a great passion for her dogs. Our French Bulldog is the best looking French Bulldog we have ever seen (our vet thinks so also!). We named hin Treble. His temperament is great! You can see her dogs get lots of love.”

Carine Diana

“I debated on exactly what kind of dog I wanted for months. Knowing that I had a wife and two young kids I wanted to ensure we’re safe when I wasn’t home plus a lovable addition to my family brought me straight to FRENCH BULLDOG TEAM. And I can’t imagine having any other dog breed.”

John Eras

“I wanted drop a note to let you know how pleased I am with my French Bulldog puppy. She has an excellent temperament and beautiful markings. Even for a puppy she is very intelligent. I wanted to thank you for a great dog”.
Scott B
“I was looking for a French Bulldog for about 6 month searching the web. I found FRENCH BULLDOG TEAM so I called them and we talked for awhile. They were very helpful with information and have called me to check on how how my little crush was doing. If I need any help at all, they always called me back. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks for the special pup from FRENCH BULLDOG TEAM, I love her very much.”

K. Thomas