JACKY: Female, 8 Weeks

Name: Jacky
Breed: French Bulldog
Sex: Female
Age: 8 Weeks
Color: Lilac
Mom’s Weight: 30 – 35 lbs
Dad’s Weight: 20 – 22 lbs
Registry: AKC
Puppy ID: #601282
Available: NOW
PRICE: $3,600

She is a beautiful doll with a personality to match. She is very social, she enjoys playing with her sibling and lounging watching t.v. with us. If you are just looking for a Lilac Blue Merle french bulldog this lady will be your perfect match. She is very pretty, sure to be the talk of the doggie park!

The Lilac Blue Merle French bulldog is the most amazing dog to exist. They have a very strong temperament, yet they are also extremely wonderful and affectionate dogs. They are not recommended for first time dog owners, due to their stubbornness and dominance.

Nevertheless, when trained by expert trainers, are great for children and other pets in the home. French Bulldogs have really cute personalities, too. Do you want to know more about Jacky? Here we will discuss the Lilac Blue Merle French Bulldogs’ personality and temperament as well as their characteristic and where to buy Lilac Blue Merle French Bulldog for sale!

Personality of Lilac Blue Merle French Bulldog for Sale

Let’s talk about the personality of Lilac Blue Merle French Bulldog for sale at French Bulldog Team. These little guys are so sweet and calm, it’s a wonder they don’t just melt into your hands when you pick them up. They’re very affectionate and playful, and they love to snuggle with their humans.

They’re also generally very good with children, which makes them great pets for families—just be sure to teach your children how to interact with your dog properly so they don’t get hurt (ahem… by accident… we’re not pointing any fingers here). Lilac Blue Merle French Bulldog for sale are also very intelligent and will eagerly learn new tricks and commands, as long as you keep their attention.

That means you need to be consistent in your training approach and make each session fun—maybe add in some treats or extra playtime to keep things interesting. If you have the query regarding “Lilac Merle French Bulldog for sale,” then you can contact us & purchase one!

Temperament of Lilac Merle French Bulldog for Sale

The Lilac Merle French Bulldog for sale is very friendly, affectionate and loving towards their owners but can be standoffish if not properly trained. This breed tends to have a high prey drive, so early socialization is recommended.

They have been known to be headstrong and stubborn at times when it comes to training or obedience commands. That said, these dogs are typically easy to train due to their intelligence level (they can understand commands quickly).

Moreover, they should be fed 2-3 cups of food once per day or divided into several smaller meals throughout the day if necessary (depending on their size).

Who can Lilac Blue Merle French Bulldog Live With?

The Lilac Blue Merle French Bulldog is a popular dog breed among dog lovers. This type of dog is smart, fun and easy to train. The Lilac Blue Merle French Bulldog for sale can live in an apartment or any other kind of home where it can be left alone for long periods of time.

Furthermore, they will make a great companion for you if you have children because they are very loyal and loving to their masters. These French Bulldog Puppies for sale don’t require much attention but they do need some exercise every day so they will stay healthy and active.

Where to Purchase Blue Merle French Bulldog for Sale?

If you are in search for the query “Blue Merle French bulldog for sale,” then you can visit French Bulldog Team. They have an amazing range of Lilac Blue Merle French Bulldogs and they are absolutely adorable!

Client Review

Joy at FRENCH BULLDOG TEAM has very good knowledge of the breed and has a great passion for her dogs. Our French Bulldog is the best looking French Bulldog we have ever seen (our vet thinks so also!). We named hin Treble. His temperament is great! You can see her dogs get lots of love.”

Carine Diana

“I debated on exactly what kind of dog I wanted for months. Knowing that I had a wife and two young kids I wanted to ensure we’re safe when I wasn’t home plus a lovable addition to my family brought me straight to FRENCH BULLDOG TEAM. And I can’t imagine having any other dog breed.”

John Eras

“I wanted drop a note to let you know how pleased I am with my French Bulldog puppy. She has an excellent temperament and beautiful markings. Even for a puppy she is very intelligent. I wanted to thank you for a great dog”.
Scott B
“I was looking for a French Bulldog for about 6 month searching the web. I found FRENCH BULLDOG TEAM so I called them and we talked for awhile. They were very helpful with information and have called me to check on how how my little crush was doing. If I need any help at all, they always called me back. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks for the special pup from FRENCH BULLDOG TEAM, I love her very much.”

K. Thomas